Hardest job
in the world

119 hours per week, Monday-Sunday


Interflora is looking for someone to fulfil the role of hardest job in the world.

The hours are long, some days you won’t get time to eat, you’re unlikely to ever have a full night’s sleep and you won’t get to take any holidays. But as well as being the hardest job in the world, this role is one of the most rewarding too.

The successful candidate will be responsible for dealing with unreasonable demands, managing a busy schedule and co-ordinating multiple projects. You must have excellent communication and organisational skills and be willing to work variable hours in a chaotic environment. Responsibilities also include chauffeuring, cooking, cleaning and counselling.

To be considered for this role, you must:

  • • Be willing to learn on the job (no formal training is provided)
  • • Be tenacious with impeccable time management skills
  • • Be willing to be on call 24/7
  • • Have unlimited patience and be calm under pressure
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* At Interflora we recognise that motherhood is the hardest and most rewarding job in the world. The advertisement which appeared in The Times newspaper on Monday 9 March was not a genuine job advert but intended to be a fun way of demonstrating the valuable contribution mums make, often for little recognition.

The salary advertised for The Hardest Job in The World has been calculated using data from the National Careers Service and our Mother’s Day survey to calculate what mums could earn based on their skill set and the number of hours worked. Although the ‘Hardest Job in the World’ is not currently available at Interflora, it is being carried out by millions of women across the UK on a daily basis. We wish each of them a Happy Mother’s Day.